Ekoprodur S0542

System characteristics:

EKOPRODUR S0542 is a two-component system for the production of closed-cell, self-extinguishing, rigid polyurethane foam. Excellent insulating properties of the foam have been achieved through the use of HFO – a fourth generation foaming agent from the group of hydro-fluoroolefins with a low greenhouse effect potential GWP = 1 and zero ozone depletion potential ODP = 0. The system is mainly used as external insulation and sealing of flat roofs. The product is mainly intended for the Western European market.

The product is suitable for:

Flat roofs


Floor covering

Main features
of the system

Dimensional stability

Saving time and money

Low water absorption

High mechanical resistance

Professional contractors

We have many specially trained contractors, so that the final effect is of the highest quality and allows the insulation to meet the highest guaranteed parameters.